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Lafitte is a French family with a reputation in the cork industry for supplying the finest cork for over four generations. Beginning in France, the company moved its major production site to Northern Portugal in 1956, in order to be directly involved in the selection of fine cork from the most thriving and sustainable cork forests in the world.

With the introduction of Artis by LAFITTE BARTOP, the Lafitte Group is setting new standards for premium, high performance bar top closures. Geared specifically toward luxury spirits, high-end oil and vinegar, Lafitte employs the technical expertise and ingenuity accumulated over 100 years in business to guarantee the perfect bar top closure. 


From high density plastic to FSC certified natural wood, and everything in between, Lafitte uses the highest quality raw materials to create an eye-catching bar top closure. The top can be customized in a variety of different ways including laser branding, emboss, deboss, engraving or hot stamp. To complete your custom bar top we offer shanks made from high quality natural cork or micro agglomerated cork. 

Artis Heritage

Artis Heritage

Inspired by tradition, with exquisite materials to create a broader perspective to your prestigious brand.

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Artis Premium

Artis Premium

Developed by our specialists, using noble materials. Artis Premium will add a touch of class to your product.

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Bio Collection

Bio Collection

The Bio Collection is a set of fully biodegradable cork stoppers, combining style with sustainability.

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AS Collection

Minimal Collection

Minimal Collection uses the highest quality raw material to create the perfection. With plastic or wood top, completed with shanks made from high quality natural cork or micro agglomerated cork. 

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Artis Customized

Artis customized is the best way to express the creative vision behind your high-end spirits, olive oil or vinegar. Choose from among the infinite forms to create the perfect bar top closure together with us.


Presenting Lafitte Bartop 2021

Presenting Lafitte Bartop

Is there a better way to celebrate life than having that special drink at that special moment?

PerfectGO 2019


A good wine deserves the perfect cork stopper


 Montado Magic  

Located in the Mediterranean Basin, Montado, the name given to the region populated by cork oaks, is an example of sustainability. These ancient trees, which protect more than 120 species of animals, including some considered vulnerable or endangered, can live for about 200 years, and throughout its life this special tree allows for the extraction of cork between 15 to 18 times. 

The stripping process, admired by many, is in no way harmful to the cork oak, since it is only removed, very carefully and without causing any damage to it, the bark. This bark, which, fascinatingly, grows back and can be extracted again after 9 years. 

Conscious that the Montados represent the future of the forest for generations to come, Lafitte has given priority to the safest techniques in removing cork, in order to avoid damage to the cork oak and to minimize the environmental impact.  

The importance of preserving the Montado  

Central to the environment, because they are rich in terms of biodiversity, but also because they play a very important role in the hydrological cycle, water quality, soil conservation, oxygen production and, consequently, in the retention of a large amount of CO2, cork oak forests, which are mainly located in the south of Portugal, are also crucial to our country's economy.  

With regard to the cork sector, Portugal is considered the largest world producer, being responsible for around 50% of world production. This important sector, which directly employs 8310 people, contributes 3% of GDP. 

In addition to playing an active role at a financial level in our country, this sector is also fundamental at the local and regional level, since the exploitation of cork makes it possible to maintain the employment of a large number of people.  

But it is not only the cork industry that depends on the cork oak forests, the agri-food sector, beekeeping and rural tourism also benefit from the qualities of this place. There is an endless set of possibilities that entice investment and, consequently, foster and guarantee employment for thousands of people, thus preventing desertification. 

100% Natural  
100% environmentally friendly  

Cork is undoubtedly one of the most eco-efficient materials. 100% natural, the cork stopper is also recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly, as, like the cork oak, it can retain CO2 particles, each of which can absorb 309g of CO2. 

Nothing is wasted in this industrial sector, everything is used, even a simple waste of cork resulting from the manufacture of natural cork is used to produce useful materials of great value, such as agglomerated stoppers.  

And make a mistake if you think the cork sees its life cycle end when it is removed from the bottle. Despite not having the important mission of preserving the taste of wine again, it is transformed into another type of material, also with a relevant role for society. 

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council, 

The Lafitte Group has been offering FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council certified products since 2010, promoting environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically viable management of cork oak forests. 

Lafitte BARTOP follows all the Lafitte group's sustainability policies, also working side by side with suppliers in order to promote more sustainable practices in our supply chain and to continuously improve the management of all resources. 



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